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Atlas Line DTW

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Atlas Line® Trading Software
See multiple entry signals with forecasting and confirmation.
Atlas Line Indicator Software
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Are you tired of deciding how and when to enter trades using outdated methods, inaccurate indicators, or guessing? The Atlas Line trading software tells you exactly how and when to enter by plotting either a Long or Short entry signal at the moment you should enter. You will know exactly when to buy or sell the market AHEAD of big moves.
The plotted line provides you with a constant reference of how you should be trading (either Long or Short). When price is above the Atlas Line, stay Long. When below, stay Short. It’s that simple.
Additional potential profit-taking setups are identified by the trading software’s Strength and Pullback signals. These are the small S and P letters you have probably seen in our trading videos. These opportunities appear after the initial Long or Short move.
The Atlas Line trading software produces multiple Long and Short signals based on its proprietary algorithm. The line and generated order signals provide an indication of which way the market is expected to move. Instead of using multiple time frames or complex systems, use the Atlas Line to clear up inaccurate and conflicting signals. You can also use it as a filter for other strategies. Get either the Lifetime License or the 6-Month License. As a *special bonus for new Lifetime License customers, we include the ad-free News indicator. The News indicator plots upcoming news events on your chart so you can easily and conveniently stay informed of potential periods of high volatility. Currently, the Atlas Line is available for the NinjaTrader platform. We can license up to two computers you own.
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