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In the course Apteros Trading Fall ’21 Intensive, Merritt Black will show you the trading routine a pro trader should take through his live trading sessions.

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$129.00 $1,295.00

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Learn to trade with NADRO through the course Apteros Trading Fall ’21 Intensive

Any NADRO student who has spent even a few minutes listening to Merritt Black during one of his webinars will understand how beneficial it is. Merritt will trade live and answer questions throughout the duration of the course Apteros Trading Fall ’21 Intensive, which will take place over the course of one week. There are daily Q&A webinars and in-depth live moeining preparation, as well as live trading with Merritt and end of day summaries and evaluations, included in this training package. Apteros Trading Fall ’21 Intensive will assist you in developing your trading routines and daily practice, as well as answering questions that will give you a competitive edge in the markets and help you take your trading to the next level.

What you will get from this Apteros Trading training program

This Apteros Trading Fall ’21 Intensive will give you a behind-the-scenes peek at how we prepare for the day ahead. To be ready for the next trading day, he does his pre-market video prep with Merritt Black. The training also teaches you how to identify critical levels and devise trade ideas every day. In addition to helping you prepare for the trading day, this resource provides a structure for executing a successful morning prep. The Apteros Trading Fall ’21 Intensive course includes a Real Trading session where you may witness Merritt Black execute and manage live trades Monday through Friday. Trading Stock Indices and Domestic Futures in Real-Time with an Expert Trader gives you the chance to learn from a professional as he performs trades (Crude oil, Gold, Bonds, etc).

Afterward, the Apteros Trading Fall ‘21 Intensive course explains how it went and addresses any issues that weren’t addressed during the live session. Your precise trading queries will be answered by an industry expert in this one-of-a-kind setting. End-of-day review to help you learn how to identify trade opportunities and context. Analyze and review any live transactions made in Apteros Fall ’21 Intensive, and learn how to better manage your trades via market replay throughout the course of the program. In order to have a better understanding of Merritt Balck’s trading strategy, you may re-trade the setups he used during the live session.

Here’s what you will get from the course Apteros Trading Fall ’21 Intensive

  • Live Morning Preparation & Commentary
  • Live Trading with Merritt Black
  • Daily Afternoon Check-in and Q&As
  • End of Day Review & Recap

More information about your mentor Merritt Black

Merritt Black Course Snack

Merritt Black has been trading actively for about 15 years. Most recently, he served as Head of Futures and Commodities at SMB Capital, a New York City-based proprietary trading business formed by Mike Bellafiore and Steve Spencer. His enthusiasm for trading and education became even stronger throughout his tenure heading SMB Futures and training traders. Merritt is most motivated when exchanging or conversing with an enthusiastic, hard-working learner. Apteros Trading is the natural culmination of these two loves. Merritt Black expresses his ambition to perform and develop himself via a variety of activities, including trading, music, triathlon, golf, oil painting, and chess.

What you should know about the sales page Apteros Trading

Apteros Trading Course Snack

Apteros Trading is a futures brokerage business built on the principle that every trader should have an equal chance of success. To possess the expertise, resources, technology, and community necessary to overcome personal limits. With the perspective that the optimal trading environment is one in which information and ideas are exchanged, therefore benefiting everyone, Apteros Trading has an entrepreneurial culture and patiently and systematically grow all traders; they work hard, continually learn, and persistently improve.

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