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Author: Andy Hafell

Together we can leave the world a smarter and better place for everyone. If you share information online you’re already on this mission together with me. You’re on the path to make the world a better place and help future generations get smarter and smarter.
People are leaving their jobs every day to educate, entertain and inspire others online. This is our mission and if you’re a person with a passion, knowledge or a drive to inspire others, we’re happy to welcome you to the passive affiliate tribe.
If you have no idea where to even begin sharing your knowledge you should get our

Passive Affiliate

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“I Was Quickly Going Down The Painful Road Of Trial And Error With No Passive Income In Sight”
Try to buy cheap products and sell on Shopify or Amazon, where the chinese powerhouse will lowball you whatever you do…
Invest in the stock market and get a measly 8% yearly return – and that’s if you’re lucky! and there is not a big massive pandemic or resession
Chain yourself to a desk to write a best selling book (or a few) – if you’re able to compete with already established authors…
Invest in real estate and rent it out to others – if you have a spare $100,000 to invest…
Let’s face it…
Doesn’t the above just sound like a recipe for total failure for someone like you?
The good news is, there’s a BETTER way.
And it doesn’t involve finding $100k+ to invest in real estate, being chained to a desk at your 9-5, or getting measly, wimpy returns from the fat cats on Wall Street.
Chances are, you know what affiliate marketing is…
Affiliate marketing is HUGE.
And I’ve figured out a way to automate it that’s never failed me or my students.
Therefore, turning it into passive income.
Companies like Amazon, Best Buy, Clickbank are paying out billions of dollars in commissions to thousands of people just like you.
And what if I told you that they are doing a lot of the work for you?
Make the products.
Manage the support team.
Hire coders.
If you were to create your own product, it’s not cheap. Far from it!
When you start youtube and affiliate marketing you will have…
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