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Author: Andrew Hansen & Sara Young

Sara Young is the mother of seven kids and a super-affiliate. In 1995 created her first electronic possession, and from than assisting hundreds of students to acquire the same. Andrew Hansen developed electronic possessions during 2005 on the internet. From 2017, started educating people about advertising and SEO techniques.

Digital Worth Academy

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Full PDF Transcripts If you’re “not a video person” and a simple “how to” is all you need, the comprehensive, hyperlinked transcripts of the Digital Asset Blueprint will have you building a profitable new website at breakneck speed.

Commission Wizard Software: Our proprietary software tool that scans millions of products you might promote on your site and tells you immediately which are the most profitable commercial opportunities, even in the biggest markets. (Value: $297)

DKM Elite Software: Lifetime access to our custom, private software that that automatically finds “needle in a haystack” keyword opportunities in your market where easy traffic and revenue are available. (Value: $297)

This tool lets you automate a highly advanced keyword research process, without needing to be “highly advanced” yourself. You’ll find opportunities that other site owners simply won’t come across.

NOTE: This is not the same as publicly available keyword research tools. DKM adds another layer of analysis on top of regular keyword data, that’s specific to your goals, to isolate otherwise hidden ranking opportunities.

Profit Calculator Software: The tool that will show you before you start, the approximate monthly revenue of any product/keyword opportunity you find based on real affiliate data from our own accounts.(Value: $197)

With Profit Calculator, there’s no “wait and see” if you’ll make money. You’ll only ever pursue opportunities with confirmed real world profit potential.

This includes our detailed processes for…

  • Finding keywords and traffic opportunities we can prove will be profitable.
  • Finding products to sell that we can prove will be profitable.
  • Building simple but perfectly optimized WordPress websites.

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