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Author: Andrej Ilisin

I’m Andrej Ilisin, owner of Investors Club and Alpha Investors, both of which are online website marketplaces for buyers and sellers.
For more than a decade, I’ve been busy building profitable blogs and ‘flipping’ (selling) them to start new blogs. It is only now that I’ve been reaping the benefits of my past successes that allowed me to seamlessly transition into becoming an entrepreneur. Of course, I owe all my success to my knowledge of building blogs that sell thousands of dollars after a few years. In fact, I put all my eggs into this website flipping basket that luckily turned out well for a betting man like me. If I can have your time, let me tell you my story.

Authority SEO 2.0

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Keyword research

An updated keyword research module (now including a section for existing websites) that helps you identify the right keywords to go after (saving you lots of disappointment and frustration)
Step-by-step tutorials – all beginner-friendly – on key building blocks: like getting a domain, establishing website hosting, what plugins you really need, setting up Google Analytics, and choosing the right tools


An expanded Monetization Module that covers way more than just Adsense. This reveals secrets on great ad networks, recommended affiliate networks, starting with your own digital products, and more
Growth maps
2 growth maps to guide you on your website building journey: the ‘5×20 Growth Approach’ and the ‘24 Month Growth Roadmap’

Module 1: On-page SEO & Site structure

You’ll learn how to properly set up your site and what are the most common beginner traps when it comes to the on-page SEO and how to avoid them.

Module 2: Niche & Keyword research

I’ll teach you how to properly do niche and keyword research using proven strategies I’ve been using for over ten years now.

Module 3: Off-page SEO & Link building

This is where most people give up. I’ll teach you how to systemize your link building efforts and how to build links at scale with as little effort as possible.

Module 4: Monetization & Growth

Once you get all that free organic traffic, it’s important to make sure that you make as much money as possible per visitor. I’ll teach you how to do that and how to optimize your site for even more growth – both in traffic and revenue.

Module 5: Bonuses – XL Strategies

Psst… This is top secret

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