Andrea Unger – Trading System Evaluation

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Andrea Unger – Trading System Evaluation

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Author:Andrea Unger

Known as the only Four-Time World Trading Champion (2008, 2009, 2010, and 2012), Andrea Unger is a full-time professional trader since 2001 and honorary member of SIAT (Italian Society of Technical Analysis, a branch of IFTA). Appreciated author, he is often invited as a speaker throughout Europe, America, and Asia.

Trading System Evaluation

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About Trading System Evaluation:

Certified as a 4-time Trader Champion, Andrea Unger introduced an educational course where he combined science and finance. He created a concept coined as ‘The Pillars of Trading System Development’ which is a hybrid of extensive trading theories and scientific findings to aggregate your profits through, what he calls and ‘automation.’ It helps you gain expertise overtime to operate efficiently and effectively in the systematic trading world.

Trading System Evaluation is a computation of core trading foundations and loopholes in the automated system. The finance world is so focused on the movement of money, that many did not realize the factors that are vital for optimum results. Trading System Evaluation is a compendium of Andrea Unger’s unequalled insight and knowledge resulting from years of trading and training. The stock market is a massive, virtual supply chain that facilitates transactions between companies and brokers, in order to generate profits for both parties. Thus, traders, today need to have clarity regarding trading databases and system appraisals.

Is Trading System Evaluation for You?

The market has a major influx of traders who intend to make major profits through trading guides or ‘trading gurus,’ who would provide shortcuts to make money. If you are one of those traders, this system and you are incompatible.

3 clear conditions will make you inapplicable for the course:

Urge to get ‘instantly rich.’

Stingy behavior in investments

Receding to short cut methods

Services provided by Trading System Evaluation:

The distinct approach is an added attraction for traders when they opt for courses at Trading System Evaluation. Here, the main objective is to revolutionize the trading system as well as the individual’s psychology to produce more intuitive and creative traders.

Andrea Unger – Trading System Evaluation offers the following services:

Foundational courses that introduce Systematic trading

Basic coding techniques for Automated Trading

Developing, Analyzing and Mastering Trading Systems

Advanced techniques for creating and managing a supreme portfolio through Automated Trading

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