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Author: Alfonso Moreno

My name is Alfonso Moreno. I’m a full time trader, expert technical analyst and founder of Set and Forget supply and demand online trading community back in October 2013. I have been trading the financial markets using exclusively supply and demand imbalances, a proprietary strategy developed by myself over the years which helps locate in any market turning points where professional and institutional traders are planning their trades.

I’ve been done many things in the past, a salsa dancing teacher, croupier, web designer and photographer, most of these jobs seem unrelated but they have something in common, they allowed me to do always what I loved.

Supply And Demand

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How was Alfonso Moreno’s beginnings in trading?

Staying away from the charts and letting the trade breathe is something we often forget about as traders. We should all trade a trading strategy that fits our personality, we must feel comfortable with the rules and the time we spent to make it work. We must prioritize our needs; we must find our why? Why do you want to become a trader?

To make money alone? That’s not enough of a reason, everyone wants money and a good job. Time to give and receive love, that’s all there is my friends.

I used to trade a lot in the past trying to reach 4-6% a month and even more. That was a bit of an unrealistic attitude. Now I know what I want and how I want it done. I have developed my own proprietary trading strategy based on supply and demand, I’ve managed to master it and that’s all I needed. I don’t care or follow anyone else’s trading ideas; I only focus on my own rules, trading plan, and setups, ignoring news and fundamentals completely since I came up with the rules without using them. Why should I use fundamentals now?