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Author: Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton

Aidan Booth: He got going online practically by mistake. His partner (Carolina) is from Argentina. He met her in 2003 in Lake Tahoe (spectacular location) and moved to Argentina quickly later on. When Mr. Booth landed in Buenos Aires, he could not speak Spanish and was on a traveler visa – no sane business was going to provide him a work!

Steven Clayton: He requires to offer a great deal of credit to Steve for his dazzling preparation procedures and broad view vision. Steve originates from a business background, he was formerly the CFO of a Fortune 500 business and had several years of business experience before beginning his own online company. The advantage of this experience shines through in a lot of what they do.

Parallel Profits

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Franchising is like having a business blueprint that has been PROVEN to make money.

The idea is that the “franchisor” (the original business) has gone through the process of gaining expertise in a certain area and has built up a successful business.

Let me elaborate with an example…

One of the biggest and most successful franchises in the world is McDonalds. Love them or hate them, they are VERY successful in business and revenue terms.

Nearly $10 BILLION DOLLARS is generated each year from their franchised restaurants that other people own and run.

The way this works is pretty simple…

A person seeks permission from McDonalds to open up a restaurant location in a certain area of a town or city.

Once McDonald’s gives them the green light, they will give them all the recipes, equipment, processes and marketing materials that they need in order to open the restaurant and hit the ground running.

So that’s how McDonald’s do it.

But how will it work in the case of ‘Parallel Profits’ and the business model we are talking about today?

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