Affinity – Affinity Foundation Stocks Course

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Affinity - Affinity Foundation Stocks Course

$34.97 $1,995.00

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Affinity – Affinity Foundation Stocks Course

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Coaching Program

The Affinity Trader Foundation Course

A Professional Trader by your side guiding you towards trading masteryAvailable only to members of The Affinity Professional Intra-Day Trader, The Affinity Professional Scalp Trader and The Affinity Swing Trader Programs.

Program Description

The Affinity Trading Institute™ has one of the most comprehensive educational programs in the industry. From 1-Day introductory and advanced theory courses to 5-Day hands on live market trading labs, there is no shortage of proper education. Contrary to popular belief, learning to trade is quite easy. It’s when actual money is put on the line does the reality set in that trading success is very much a challenging venture. Lack of experience, psychological demons, the unwillingness to follow your trading plan and not respecting risk management are all factors that also contribute to its difficulty. Let’s face it, trading is not easy and the majority of people that attempt to make a career out of it face a huge uphill battle.

That’s where The Affinity Trader Coaching Program comes in.

We have learned that when our student traders have by their side an experienced trading coach that knows how to take profits out of the market, their chances of success greatly improve. Using a holistic approach to teaching, our coaches utilize specific procedures and methods of performance tracking that are designed to help the student study efficiently, understand more and actually absorb what they are learning.

With access to The Affinity Trader Coaching Program you will:

Create the needed discipline to follow your trading plan.

Revisit course material to help reinforce your trading strategies.

Tackle the psychological demons that are holding you back from profitability.

Have an experienced trader by your side with whom you can ask specific questions.

Be part of a small coaching group of ten traders that maintain a positive team spirit.

Have the opportunity to also become a coach and earn extra trading income.

The center point of the coaching program is the Affinity Trade Journal that each trader must submit to their trading coach on a weekly basis. Not only does this trade journal help instill discipline; it also enables each trader to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and help them discover which style of trading works best. In addition, there are weekly group coaching sessions where Affinity Traders share their best and worst trades, their top watch list ideas and their trading results for that week.

Unlike many other firms that have trading coach to student ratios so high that the students do not get the individualized attention in which they need, The Affinity Trader Coaching Program limits its group sizes to only ten. One trading coach supports nine traders. This provides each trader with the necessary attention and because we are an international company with traders all over the world, we have found that the diversity each group has helps to develop its own team spirit that is very beneficial for each of the trader’s progress.

Course Description

Many people begin their trading career with little to no education expecting to become financially independent but what they soon realize is that trading is a challenging venture that first requires the proper knowledge, a proven trading plan and a professional coach to help gain experience and confidence.

The Affinity Trading Institute™ approach to trading is a technical one which relies on specific chart patterns to identify the major shifts in market sentiment. Whether you want to Scalp, Day, Swing or Long-term Trade, this course will empower you with the necessary knowledge to trade the markets using proven technical analysis strategies, disciplined risk management and a strong psychological mind set.

Financial market data is presented in a number of ways; this trading course will show you how to analyze that data to your benefit rather than attempt to predict market events and occurrences. This helps you keep your opinions directly aligned with the market instead of letting your emotions decide what you want the market to do.

A unique element of the program is that our coaches were once students.

Those that show a desire and ability to become a coach are entered into an apprenticeship program that trains them to become coaches. The main requirement to be eligible for this program is that a trader must reach and maintain a certain level on the Trader Achievement Chart thus showing their ability to pull profits out of the market. And while the Affinity Trading Coach does currently earn their living through trading, as a coach they are also eligible to earn extra income through the combined profits of their group of 10 traders.

Best of all, there is no cost to be part of The Affinity Trader Coaching Program, it’s FREE.From there you will have access to our coaching program

Contact us today and see how The Affinity Trader Coaching Program can help you achieve a profitable trading career with the Affinity Trading Institute™.