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The Advanced Spreading MasterClass by MasterClass Trader will teach you a proven and high probability method to consistently profit in trading commodities.

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$85.00 $716.00

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Overview of the Advanced Spreading MasterClass by MasterClass Trader

Professional traders use a strategy known as spread trading to trade the markets. Understanding spread dynamics and how markets interact is critical for everyone, from hedge fund managers to proprietary traders. MasterClass Trader’s flagship Advanced Spread Trading MasterClass teaches traders how to trade these markets from start to finish. You may not be familiar with a spread prior to starting. Ultimately, the strategy to trading spreads you develop will be supported by actual statistical evidence. It can be quantified and logically explained. If you have any questions at all while taking the course, don’t hesitate to ask.

Who will benefit from the course Advanced Spreading MasterClass?

This course is for you if you wish to develop a sound long-term trading strategy or diversify your investment portfolio. For those who need to grow but are unsure how, or who want an introduction to the hedge fund style of investing but want some help along the way, this course is for you. MasterClass Trader’s Advanced Spreading MasterClass will help you understand why we trade spreads. The course introduces you to the fundamentals of spreads before delving further into some of the most frequent spreads that you may encounter. Additionally, you’ll learn about seasonal analysis and how it relates to technical analysis and the fundamentals of investing. You will also learn how to discover high-probability trades using historical data and how to minimize spread risk as a result of this training course.

The course outline of Advanced Spreading MasterClass by MasterClass Trader

  • Part 1: Spreading Introduction
  • Part 2: Going Deeper into Inter-Spreads
  • Part 3: Spreading vs. Commodities
  • Part 4: Data & Research Tools
  • Part 5: Futures & Spread Margins 
  • Part 6: Risk, Stops & More Perspective
  • Part 7: Portfolio Management
  • Part 8: Seasonal Spread Trade Checklist
  • Bonus: Extra Material 
  • Bonus: Futures Primer Course
  • Bonus: Spreading Intro Course
  • Bonus: Trading Plan Course and Guidance
  • Bonus: How to Write Your Trading Resume Book
  • Bonus: Trading Treasury Notes and Bonds Book
  • Bonus: 20% Discount to the Seasonalgo Database
  • Bonus: Guidance and Support During Your Journey

About the sales page MasterClass Trader 

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The training and assistance provided by MasterClass Trader are intended to help you acquire professional-level trading techniques taught by fund managers and proprietary trading organizations. Students learn about investing in stocks and the financial markets as well as trading psychology. Your trading career will now go to the next level with the help of this strategy. With over 20 years of experience in the market as both a money manager for a CTA and as a private trader and professional trader, Bower is the ideal person to help you learn the ins and outs of trading. He is the author of several futures and options trading books, eBooks, training materials, and courses. He worked as a recruiter, manager, and trade coach for two proprietary trading businesses for the past ten years.

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