Adeh Mirzakhani – Fx Engine Trading Course


Adeh Mirzakhani - Fx Engine Trading Course


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Adeh Mirzakhani – Fx Engine Trading Course

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Is It Possible To Systematically Take Gains From The Currency Markets?

Can One Profit From Global Currency Fluctuations Without Stress & Anxiety?

Is It Possible To Eliminate Guessing & Gambling from Trading? Can Position Trades Be Managed In Minutes Instead Of Hours? How Can We Guard Our Positions From Unexpected Market Events? AN ENTIRELY NEW WAY TO TRADE THE FOREX…. “Consistent Gains Are NOT Made By Predicting Market Directions Correctly or By Timing Tops & Bottoms Perfectly.

Dear FX Trader,As a Forex trader, it is difficult to achieve a balanced life.

The up-down fluctuations of your favorite currency pair in a volatile trading environment can cause your stomach to churn.

Each trading day is an emotional roller coaster ride. You are forced to guess what the market’s next move is by using an unlimited number of tools and strategies that are available to you.You begin a typical trading day by checking the latest price charts, reading and interpreting news and market sentiments and scanning for tradable patterns. Then you decide what and how much to trade. Once in a position, you must start the tedious process of monitoring your positions and decide when and where to take profits (or losses). You watch the news feeds for any unexpected global and geopolitical events.Stress is one of the biggest killers of new traders! Because market trends are driven by a finite number of external forces and variables, it is often impossible to make systematic and logical decisions on your next trade.

What If There’s Another Way To Trade?

What if it is possible…

– To take anxiety and guesswork out of trading.

– To not worry about unexpected geopolitical events. – To trade without relying on technical patterns or indicators. – To not have to spend hours in front of the computer watching your trades. What If It Is Possible to Trade the Forex by Methodically Applying a System of Rules Consistently & Systematically?ie. RULE-BASED CURRENCY TRADING Is a “rule-based” Forex trading system feasible? Before we answer this question, We’d like you to meet Adeh Mirzakhani from Los Angeles, CA. Adeh is a seasoned Forex trader and a Forexmentor workshop speaker.