Jeanne Long – A Traders Astrological Almanac (2001 – 2006)

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Author: Jeanne Long

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A Traders Astrological Almanac (2001 – 2006)

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As with many approaches to trading, trading using astrology is not recommended as a stand-alone technique, but rather as a possible complement to technical analysis. One way of implementing trading using astrology is as a method of timing the market.
Astrology may also be implemented in determining which stocks to trade. In selecting stocks, astrology traders may consider aspects of the company from an astrological standpoint, regarding factors such as the planetary elements which make up the ‘incorporation chart’ of the company. Research conducted in these areas indicates correlations between the performance and viability of a company, and its astrological chart.
Who Uses Astrology in their Trading?
There are many highly successful traders who have applied trading using astrology as a component of their success. A particularly noted trader was WD Gann, who developed several trading tools, including Gann Angles, based on astrology, geometry, astronomy and ancient mathematics.

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