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The 10X Bars Indicator version 2022 will help you increase your price action trading outcomes. Download this indicator now and create the biggest trade ever!

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$60.00 $597.00

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Quickly identify the trend and strength with 10X Bars Indicator 2022 by Jack Roberts

The 10X Bars Indicator 2022 will help you get in on more, larger, and quicker setups sooner than ever. In order to avoid fake out congestion zones, you may either seek for explosive purchase setups or implosion sell setups. Additionally, you’ll be able to see when trading volume is at least 50% higher than typical, making it easier to spot swings with high upside potential. The 10X Bars may be used to swiftly assess the quality and strength of a trend.

With the help of the ADX and DMI, the 10x Bars Indicator may be used to swiftly assess the quality and strength of a trend. The 10X Bars eliminate the need for a separate set of indicators by displaying the computation right on your charts, making it much easier to make trading decisions.

With the Squeeze, you can totally use the 10X Bars as a confirmation signal to remain in a moving chart, or as an early signal to exit.

Why should you download this 10X Bars Indicator?

  • Identify the three different strengths of 10x Bars in a matter of seconds
  • Setups for intraday and long-term trading
  • To trade on any period, just use 10x Bars
  • Exact regulations for entrance and departure, including early detection of signal
  • Using 10x Bars and you can trade anything: Stocks, Options, Futures, and Cryptocurrency. 

Indicator Setup: Your invaluable bonus when ordering the 10X Bars Indicator

In this pre-recorded session, Eric Purdy, the designer of these powerful trading tools, will lead you through the process of setting up and using your new 10x Bars Indicator.

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